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How to Beat the Holiday Blues

The holiday season is often associated with feelings of happiness, joy, and togetherness, and it can be difficult for some people to cope when they don't feel those emotions.

Here are some great tips to beat the Christmas blues this year….READ MORE

Colouring Relaxes You and Improves Brain Function

Colouring is a great way to relax your brain and feel stress free. The simple activity of colouring takes very little effort, but brings you such relief. Your mind begins to relax as you let go of the heavier matters of life.

Colouring can also improve your brain functionality. During colouring, different parts of your brain is activated. You become even more creative as you use different colours, styles and instruments.

Print the image, (or download it here) and colour your stress away! Remember, you don’t need crayons - use your pen or pencil for this mini stress reduction session!

Read more…

How to Deliver Value Each Time a Customer Interacts with your Brand

Understanding your customer is key to delighting them with your products. Look at it this way - the better you know someone, the better you are able to relate to them. Read more…


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